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211 W Smith Street
Seattle, WA, 98119
United States

About Us

I have been an obsessed gardener for almost 20 years.  My mother was serious about her roses, but it wasn’t until I had a garden of my own that my fascination with blooms began.  Over the years I have fallen in love with a wide variety of plants including hostas, hellebores, dahlias and old fashioned pin-cushion flowers, but it is the grand master of the spring flower that has stolen my soul: the peony.  Over the years I have traveled hither and yon to see them.  Not mud, rain, distance, nor farm stenches can keep me from them.  But the one thing that has slowed me down has been the cost.  I love unique, rare and hard to find peonies, and they can be extremely costly.  I spent years scouring the internet, and the United States and Europe, to find these rare and exclusive peonies for the least amount of money. It seemed a shame to keep all that information to myself.   So my husband, Tony, and I created RarePeonies.Com, to bring you the highest quality, rare, exclusive and hard to find peonies at the lowest price possible.   We are so dedicated to making sure our plants are the highest quality at the lowest available price, that we will tell you where to go to find some of the peonies we considered selling, but didn’t, because we couldn’t bring them to you for better quality or less money.  

Our tubers will ship to you in October for fall planting, as it is the very best time to plant your peonies for healthy, strong plants.  Please check out our tips and tricks section for more information on getting the best out of your tubers.  

And thank you so much for shopping with us!